The Networked Imagination Laboratory (NIL) at McMaster University is a globally unique research space dedicated to live coding, network music, data sonification, game audio, and virtual reality. Researchers working with the Networked Imagination Laboratory create multimedia performances, works of media art, and software platforms for network music and live coding.
NIL research infrastructure includes a large loudspeaker array, multichannel video display, network audio recording and playback equipment, virtual reality headsets, and high performance computer workstations. Around these separate technologies, the NIL provides a highly collaborative and reconfigurable environment for artistic research.
The NIL is located on, and benefits from, the lands of the Haudenosaunee and Mississauga people, and on the lands protected by the Dish With One Spoon wampum agreement.
The NIL is strongly committed to sharing knowledge through free and open source software, free workshops, performances and exhibitions, and open access academic publications. There are many ways to experience the NIL and its people - come and learn with us!
The Networked Imagination Laboratory was created with support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (John Edwards Leadership Fund), Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation, and the Faculty of Humanities at McMaster University. The NIL is a node of McMaster's Centre for Networked Media and Performance and is housed in McMaster's Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia. Questions about the NIL can be directed to principal investigator David Ogborn.
What’s Happening?